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Tips for Protostar (J3)

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Self-Host Google Fonts

Protostar loads the Google Fonts from Google servers by default. In terms of data protection law, this is often viewed critically in the EU (see also GDPR). Alternatively, you can also integrate the Google Fonts locally and load them from your own server. Only 2 steps are necessary for this:

  • Select, download and integrate Google Font
  • Disabling of the old references


It is possible that you are working with a copy of the Protostar template. In this case, adapt the template name accordingly in the following instructions!
Instead of /templates/protstar/ you then use, for example /templates/copy-protostar/ !


1. Select, download and integrate Google Font

Go to the following website:

Select a Google Font with the desired charset and style, e.g. "Open Sans" !

  • Download the associated file (zip) and unzip it into the following directory: /templates/protostar/fonts
    The "fonts" directory must be created beforehand, as it normally does not exist.
  • Copy the associated CSS code into the user.css of the Protostar template using "Copy & Paste"! If necessary, adjust the paths to the Google Font files in the CSS code, which are located in the "fonts" directory. Now these should be found.


2. Disabling of the old references

In order to avoid the connection to Google servers, the previous references must now be deactivated or removed. To do this, the index.php in the Protostar template must be edited.


The easiest way is to put line 52 as a comment:

JHtml::_('stylesheet', '' . $font);

/* JHtml::_('stylesheet', '' . $font); */


There is a Joomla plugin that can remove all external links to "Google Font Servers", added by the template or an extension:

JMG Disable Google Font

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