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Joomla! 3 Configurator

Configure your individual Joomla package (extensions, settings & extras) based on Joomla! 3.10.12!

Note: As soon as you add the Quickstart package to the shopping cart, the configuration can no longer be changed! You can remove the package from the shopping cart and create a new one! Do not switch the shop language during configuration and ordering!

1.Base price

The default language is English (GB).
Add your desired languages!

The default language is English (GB). If you have added additional languages, you can select one of these languages as the new default language for the backend & frontend. Please enter them here!

Should joomla be set up in multilingual languages including sample data for menus and articles? (only German and English)


Add a backup component!

Add an additional editor!

Would you like to add the JCE MediaBox?

Add a form builder!

Would you like to add the "Install from web" plugin?

Add an optimization tool!

Add useful extensions!

Add a shop component!


Would you like to change basic website settings?
It is advisable to switch the website offline, especially for test installations!

Which SEO settings should be activated?
For "URL-Rewrite" the htaccess.txt has to be renamed! Intructions are included.

Do you like to enable caching?

Do you want to change the session time?

Would you like to change the time zone?


Do you want to deactivate the plugin "Joomla - Update notification"?
Then you will no longer be informed about new joomla updates by email!

Do you want to activate the plugin "System - Redirect"?
This plugin catch missing pages and redirect users.

Do you want to activate a ReCaptcha plugin and set it as default?
You still need the two keys for this free service from Google!


You create the SuperUser during the installation.
Do you want to create additional SuperUsers?

Sample data are used.

Do you want to create additional users (registered)?
Sample data are used.

7.Contact form

Do you want to create the Joomla internal contact form (1 contact) and the associated menu item?
Sample data are used.


Should users be allowed to register?

Do you want to create additional password protection to the backend?
This is an important basic protection!
The implementation takes place via .htaccess and .htpasswd and only works for Apache servers.

9.Protostar template

Which responsive layout should Protostar have?
Static: The website is displayed within a container
Fluid: The website takes up the entirety of the browser that it is viewed on

In which position should the main menu be displayed?

10.Additional information

Please read the additional information and take note of it!

1. If no specific data is given (e.g. user, contact form), sample data will be used. You can then change this.

2. If you have opted for additional password protection (server) and have entered your own access data, be sure to make a note of the access data!
When you call up the backend, first enter the access data you noted down so that the login mask for the backend is displayed.

3. A MySQL database is required for the installation of the Quickstart package (no PostgreSQL or SQL Azure)

Please check your details!
Add then your individual configuration to the "shopping cart" at the top of the page!

Please note that you can no longer change your configuration afterwards!
However, you can remove the package from the shopping cart and create a new one at any time.

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All prices quoted in Euro include the statutory German VAT of currently 19%. The final price can change after entering the billing information, for example if the order is placed as a company. The prices refer to the creation of the Quickstart packages.

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