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Instructions for J3 QS installation

Note: The installation of a Quickstart package works basically the same as a normal Joomla! installation!

1. Prepare for Install

1. Create a directory on the web space in which you want to install Joomla! The root directory is usually called "public_html" or "htdocs". It is recommended to install Joomla in a subdirectory.

2. Set this (sub) directory as the target directory for your domain! You can also use a subdomain.

3. Now you still need a MySQL database. It is recommended to create a new database for this!

4. Make a note of basic information about the database (you will need this during configuration):

  • Location of database: mostly "localhost", more rarely an external database server such as ""
  • The database name
  • The database user's name
  • The database user's password


2. Upload of the Installation Files

5. Now the Joomla files (files & directories) must be moved to the directory (Joomla root directory) on the web server. There are 2 options for this:

1st option:

  • First unzip the Quickstart package locally on your computer! The Joomla files are extracted into a folder.
  • Then move all Joomla files that are inside the folder to the web server!
    Use an FTP client such as FileZilla (current version!) for this!

2nd option: (more quickly)

  • First move the Quickstart package to the web server!
    Use an FTP client such as FileZilla (current version!) for this!
  • Then extract the Quickstart package directly on the web server! There are several methods for this, e.g. using your own script or with the help of kickstart.php. Corresponding instructions can be found here:
    Unpacking ZIP


3. Installation - Main Configuration

6. Now that all Joomla! files are on the web space, you can use the Joomla! - web installer. Call up your domain in a browser, e.g.!

Manual J3 Main Configuration

7. Select the desired language for the installation process!

8. Fill in the following information:

  • Site Name: Enter the name of your website! This can be changed later in the global configuration.
  • Description: Enter a description for your website! This is the global meta description which is used by search engines if no meta description was given for a page. This can also be changed later on the global configuration page.
  • Admin Email Adress: Enter a valid email address for the administrator! You will also receive the link to change the administrator password at this email address.
  • Admin Username: Enter the username for the Super User! Joomla uses a default "admin" as the username. You can accept the name or change it for security reasons. You can also change it later under "My Profile" in the administrator interface.
  • Admin Password: Enter a secure password for the Super User! You can change it later under "My Profile" in the administrator interface. Confirm the password in the Confirm Admin Password field!
  • Site Offline: Make your choice! "Yes" means that after installation, your website will display the message "Page is offline" when you go to the homepage. "No" means that your website can be reached when you call up the start page. You can change this setting later via the "Global configuration" in the administrator interface.

9. Click "Next" to proceed!


4. Installation - Konfiguration der Datenbank

10. You will need to enter the information about the database you will use for Joomla!

Manual J3 Database Configuration

  • Database Type: MySQLi is the common database used.
  • Host Name: Enter the server for your database! Usually this is localhost. However, some servers also use an external database server, e.g.
  • Username: Enter the username for the connection to the database here! Note: This does not mean the username for the administrator!
  • Password: Enter the password for the database's username!
  • Database Name: Enter the name of the database!
  • Table Prefix: Choose the prefix for the DB tables! One is generated automatically, but you can change (e.g. jos3_) . Note the required underscore at the end of the prefix!
  • Old Database Process: Choose whether the installer should save or delete any existing DB tables during the installation of new tablesl?

11. Click "Next" to proceed!


5. Installation - Overview


Manual J3 Overview

12. On the last page you first have to select the Quickstart package! This is important!

13. If Send Email Configuration is selected, the Email Password dialog appears. The email password is disabled by default for security reasons. You can choose whether the password should be sent in the email. If necessary, click on "yes"!

14. Click the "Install" button!


6. Installation - Prüfen der Konfiguration

If everything is correct, this will now be displayed at the top of the page. If this is not the case, you should check the installation at this point, identify errors and correct them!

Manual J3 Check

  • Main Configuration: The information specific to the website is displayed here.
  • Database Configuration: Check the details of the database that Joomla! will use!
  • Pre-Installation Check: These requirements must all be met, otherwise you will not be able to use Joomla! to install! Some things are controlled by php.ini. The PHP version can usually be set directly at the host. You may need the help of your host to correct these settings.
  • Recommended Settings: Here you can see the recommended settings for the PHP configuration. But the installation should work even with different settings.

15. If everything is set correctly, click on "Install"!

Now the installation process starts. A progress bar appears with a status bar.
When the installation is complete, the congratulations page is displayed:

Manual J3 Congratulations


7. Installation - Finalise

: Do not install any additional languages during the Quickstart installation! You can then do this in the backend.

16. In order to be able to call up the backend & frontend, you only have to delete the directory "installation". Simply click on the corresponding button!
A success message confirms that the directory has been deleted. Your Quickstart installation is now complete.


Manual J3 Folder removed

Go to your website
(Replace with your domain or subdomain!)

  • Frontend:
  • Backend:



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