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SEO - Introduction

Nowadays it is important to increase the visibility of a website including its content in the search results (SERPs) of the various search engines for visitors. There are a number of ways that you can do this. The purchase of paid advertising will not be discussed at this point.
Due to the increasingly complex search algorithms and many new SEO factors, it is advisable to divide search engine optimization into several sub-areas.

  • OnPage Optimization
  • OffPage Optimization
  • Technical Optimization: This is a requirement for the OnPage Optimization and should therefore be considered separately.

Alternatively, the terms on-site optimization and off-site optimization are often used. A brief overview is given below. Most of the tips are general and some are specific to Joomla!


OnPage Optimization

OnPage Optimization refers to all measures for SEO Optimization that are carried out on the website or landing page itself. This is intended to achieve a permanently better ranking in the search engine results (higher position).
This is primarily about content, structure (keyword: headings), navigation, usability and keywords.

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 OnPage Optimization


OffPage Optimization

While the OnPage Optimization is carried out on the website itself, the OffPage Optimization uses external sources. This form of optimization takes place outside of your own website. Accordingly, you are dependent on other sites (friends, partners, companies, portals, web catalogs, yellow pages, social media, blogs, etc.)

Typically, so-called backlinks are used for OffPage Optimization. These are links on external pages back to your own website. However, you have to take care of the fact that these backlinks are set on foreign pages in the first place. You have to do a lot of research on the web, for example to find relevant websites. Backlinks in web catalogs and business directories can be generated with relatively little effort.

A greatly linked website increases its value. However, the number of links is less important than their quality. The quality of backlinks can vary greatly. A backlink from a high-traffic website is certainly worth more than a backlink from a small, unknown blog.

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 OffPage Optimization


Technical Optimization

It is important that search engines can easily access the individual pages (URLs) of a website. Only then can these be crawled and ideally also indexed. Furthermore, the Technical Optimization creates the requirement that measures such as OnPage Optimization can take effect in the first place. The page speed and security of a website are also significantly influenced by this.

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 Technical Optimization


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